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Tracy Grayson is the recognized go-to lawyer for forgery and counterfeit cases.  He has an outstanding trial and settlement track record with respect to these cases.  Many of his clients have been granted probation.  In a recent trial in Compton, even though the client had a counterfeit California driver's license in his wallet with his name and picture on it, Mr. Grayson nevertheless got the jury to hang.

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The Law

To be found guilty of forgery, the prosecutor must prove that you signed someone else's name or a false name on a document (often a check); you didn't have permission or authority to sign the name; you knew you didn't have permission or authority; and when you signed the document or check, you intended to defraud, steal from, or otherwise cause injury to someone or some organization.  If convicted of forgery, you could be looking at up to three years in state prison if charged with a felony, and up to one year in county jail if charged with a misdemeanor.

There are a wide variety of forgery charges listed in the codes, as well as other similar crimes involving counterfeit and making or passing false checks.  A person can forge, counterfeit, alter, reproduce, or falsely make and/or attempt to pass or use a vast array of documents, checks, contracts, government seals, legal wills, driver's licenses, etc.  When a person does so with an intention to defraud, steal from, or otherwise injure someone or some organization, a crime is committed which carries a maximum of three or four years in state prison when charged as a felony. 

Possible Consequences

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  • County jail or state prison
  • Probation or parole
  • Having a criminal record (which cannot be expunged, reduced or dismissed)
  • Fines and fees involving hundreds or even thousands of dollars
  • Community service or work (your time and money)
  • Restitution or reimbursement to the victim for loss of or damage to property
  • Having to provide DNA sample which goes into a nationwide database
  • Possible deportation or other immigration consequences
  • No longer able to own, use or possess a gun or weapon
  • No longer able to vote in elections
  • Could affect current job, future employment or professional license

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In sports it is often said that the best defense is a good offense.  This is also true with cases involving forgery, counterfeit, and making or passing false checks.  It is extremely important to immediately hire an experienced, skilled attorney like Tracy Grayson, preferably the day you are arrested.

Lack of evidence, lack of intent to defraud, and witness credibility are the most common defenses and issues which have come up during Attorney Grayson's 15 years of successfully fighting these kinds of cases.  Police officers and government investigators are usually not present when these incidents occur, but they can still be important witnesses.  They can be important if, for example, the government has seized forged documents and counterfeit licenses from you (never consent or agree to a search!); or if you say something incriminating (never talk to the police!).

If you are in fact searched, it is possible that it was done illegally in violation of your Fourth Amendment rights, and if so, the evidence could be suppressed and your case dismissed.  Attorney Grayson has a lot of experience running suppression motions and has had a lot of success.

Either way, as an experienced, skilled, and aggressive attorney, Tracy Grayson will thoroughly review, investigate and prepare your case, interview prosecution and defense witnesses, obtain additional discovery, research complexities in the law, prepare motions, appoint or hire experts, aggressively fight for your freedom in court, and make certain that we do everything possible to win your case.

Forgery and Counterfeit Case Results: Click Here...

If you want to beat your forgery or counterfeit case, contact attorney Tracy Grayson now!

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