Other Crimes

Name Year Court Charge(s) Possible Sentence Case Results
T.M. 2013 Compton driving w/out license--infraction $888 fine $25 fine
O.M. 2013 El Segundo suspended driver's license
Reinstated; can drive now
A.J. 2012 Metro Trespassing 90 days jail Pled to infraction, $100 fine
J. M. 2003 Inglewood Impersonating peace officer 1 year jail Not guilty at trial
M. S. 2010 Compton Probation violation 3 years prison Reinstated to drug rehab program
D. B. 2009 CCB Ammo possession w/ strike prior 10 years prison Did 9.5 months in prison concurrent with parole violation
R. S. 2007 CCB 4 x resisting cop 8 years prison Time served on one count
N. S. 2002 Compton Resisting police 1 year jail Not guilty at trial


CCB Criminal Courts Building, downtown LA
Cal Trans work instead of jail through CA Dept of Trans
ADW Assault With Deadly Weapon
GTA Grand Theft Auto
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